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Stop Selling to Your Friends: They are not Clients nor a Source of Income


If you have not reached the stage in life where all your friends are having babies, then trying to stay at home with them, yet sell crap on the side to make some money….lucky you! Chances are, if you are a new mom, you are considering it. I highly advise that if you take the plunge, please remember your friends aren’t your clients. Going through the phase of “I want to work at home just to spend more time with my kid” may cost you friends. Continue reading

What to Expect When You’re Miscarrying

I googled it. A lot. During and after my miscarriage. The ultrasound confirmed they couldn’t find a heartbeat. No one really prepared me for the events that were about to unfold. So, here’s the breakdown of life leading up to, during and after my miscarriage. If you are miscarrying, I am sorry for your loss. May you stay positive and find acceptance during this life event.

Leading up to the miscarriage: Continue reading

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