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String pot application field

GL series (s) have digital output type and analog output type.

The digital output type can choose incremental rotary , absolute value encoder, etc. The output signal is square wave ABZ signal or gray code signal. The maximum stroke can be 20 meters, the maximum linear accuracy 0.05%, and the maximum resolution can reach 0.005mm/pulse according to different configurations.

The analog output type can choose precision potential device, Sick encoder, absolute value encoder, etc. The output signal can be 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-5K, 0-10K serial SSI and resistance signal, etc. The maximum travel can reach 20 meters, the maximum service environment can reach the protection level of IP65, and it can be used in the wide temperature environment of -30℃ ~ +105℃.

This series is very suitable for the oil cylinder piston position, object position, skip position measurement, linear guide system, hydraulic cylinder system, scale system, storage location, pressure machinery, paper machinery, textile machinery, sheet metal machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, level control instrument, construction machinery and other related size measurement and position control.




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