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How does the encoder determine resolution

Generally speaking, the resolution of photoelectric is calculated according to the pulse, and the basic pulse required by the motor is not less than 2500. The resolution represents the precision of the encoder, so the higher the pulse, the higher the resolution.After the encoder input signal frequency processing for several times, therefore, the resolution can be improved, the resolution after the output coding, there will be a phase difference between each coding, in through the phase difference, we can know the machine motor and reversing surface, so that it can be learned by each coded resolution.

In addition to this, know how the encoder pulse form, also can see the resolution of the encoder, then to observe the scribed line parameters of encoder and arrangement of what are the rules, the width of the groove should be equal to the distance, there are four general encoder same scribed line, can detect the wave form, the process of each waveform are able to detect the encoder signal strength, namely encoder sine waveform.

To sum up, the resolution of the encoder is a parameter of the encoder accuracy, it is through the machine device accurately calculated, through the principle of pulse forming, the resolution is to get a complete show, so whether buying encoder or using encoder, considering the size of the resolution of the encoder.

How does the encoder determine resolution

Resolution is the basic parameter of encoder and one of the most important factors in choosing encoder.For linear encoders, the resolution is the number of units of measurement specified per distance (in inches or millimeters), while for s, it is the number of units of measurement per revolution (also known as pulse per revolution, or PPR) or the number of angles per degree.Encoder resolution is usually expressed in binary units: a 16-bit resolution rotary encoder will have 65,536 (2 16) increments or PPR per turn.

Don't confuse resolution with precision or repeatability.The accuracy represents the difference between the target position and the actual position of the encoder.The primary influence on the accuracy of the encoder is the accuracy of the measurement unit spacing, although other machine parameters in the moving parts, such as offset or clearance, can also adversely affect the accuracy.Repeatability is the consistency with which the encoder performs the same measurements and is an important specification for applications performing repetitive tasks, such as assembly or pickup.

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