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How does MCU receive the signal sent by encoder

The rotary is a device used to measure the Angle. It is divided into two kinds of single-channel output and double-channel output. Through these two kinds of pulse output, the speed can be measured and the direction of rotation can be judged.So encoder is widely used in SCM.Although the encoder structure is relatively simple, but its working principle is relatively complex, so how to correctly use the encoder on the single chip microcomputer has become the concern of the majority of engineers, this problem will be to solve how the single chip microcomputer to receive the signal sent by the encoder as a starting point.

MCU how to receive the signal sent by the encoder, how to solve this problem?First of all, when the encoder rotates, the grating disk and the motor rotate at the same speed, and then the output pulse signals are detected by the detection device composed of led and other electronic components. The speed at that time is known by calculating the number of output pulses of the encoder.In addition, you are trying to determine the direction of rotation.The direction can be identified by the COUNTER of PLC here.PLC has a high speed counter, can be set to a variety of modes, including AB orthogonal pulse, according to the counter number is to increase the latter to reduce to determine the direction.This is the encoder used with the microcontroller on the principle.




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