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The servo motor encoder is briefly introduced

Servo motor is installed on the servo motor is used to measure the magnetic pole position and Angle of the servo motor and the speed of a sensor, the different physical media, can be divided into photoelectric encoder and the magnetoelectric encoder, the other rotating transformer is a kind of special servo encoder, the market generally use the photoelectric encoder, but magnetoelectric encoder as a rising star, has reliable, cheap, resistant to pollution and other characteristics, has a tendency to catch up with photoelectric encoder.The servo motor encoder shaft should be connected with the machine using flexible connectors.Is another kind of cosine encoder in addition to possess the orthogonal sine, cosine signal, also has one circle only one signal cycle of 1 vp - p orthogonal sinusoidal signal type C, D, if C signal, for sin, is D signal for cos, through the high ratio of the sine and cosine signal subdivision technology, not only can make get more close than the original signal cycle is cosine encoder detection in the name of the resolution, such as the 2048 line is cosine encoder after 2048 segments, can achieve every turn more than 400 ten thousand line detection in the name of the resolution,At present, many European and American servo manufacturers provide this kind of high resolution servo system, but domestic manufacturers are still rare;In addition, after subdivision, the C and D signals of the s& C encoder with C and D signals can also provide higher absolute position information per turn, such as 2048 absolute positions per turn. Therefore, the s& C encoder with C and D signals can be regarded as an analog single-ring .


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