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Robot draw wire displacement sensor measurement system

In order to analyze the dynamic performance of a robot with complex structure without a position sensor at its end, a flexible four-station draw wire displacement sensor  robot measurement system was developed.A simple four-station draw wire displacement sensor   initial position calibration method is proposed, which can use its particle swarm optimization algorithm to iteratively calculate the initial position relationship between four stations through simple on-site operation, and realize the arbitrary placement of the base station position before measurement, thus improving the measurement efficiency of the system.A flexible and lightweight cable guide structure is designed to realize the arbitrary direction motion of the cable , thus realizing the follow-up between the measuring system and the robot motion, and conveniently obtaining the terminal position information of the robot without changing the original structure and dynamic characteristics of the robot.The results show that the initial position calibration method of the four-station has high accuracy and high speed.The measurement system is flexible, portable, efficient and accurate enough to meet the needs of engineering.


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