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Precautions for installation of cable encoder

If the site is in a dusty and humid environment, pay attention to the wire rope outlet of the wire rope mechanism to be as downward as possible to prevent the water droplets and dust attached to the wire rope from being brought into the wire rope when the wire rope is retracted into the wire rope mechanism In the wire-drawing mechanism, as the use time increases, dirt will form, block the wire-drawing mechanism, and eventually damage the function of the entire draw wire .


2. When the cable of the is extended to the port of the cable mechanism, pay attention to keeping the linear movement, even if the angle deviation occurs, it cannot exceed 3°. If the movement angle changes in the field operation, it is best to install a guide wheel. There is no angle limit for the drawstring.


3. After the cable of the cable encoder is pulled out of the cable mechanism, do not suddenly loosen the cable, let it easily damage the cable mechanism under the action of its own restoring force, because the cable cannot maintain linear motion without external force. It is easy to bend and will be blocked inside the mechanism when retracting the cable mechanism.


4. Do not pull the rope directly with your hands. The rope will bend and cause failure when the rope is retracted. Do not pull the rope along the edge of the object. The rope will be injured in contact with external objects. 




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