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Is the resolution and precision of the draw wire displacement sensor the same

Is the resolution and precision of the draw wire  displacement sensor the same

We all know that the sensor has a parameter is precision, but many people do not quite understand what the precision refers to, and some people mistake the precision as resolution, but they do not understand what the parameter is.

Then, whether the resolution and precision of the cable type displacement are the same or not? The answer is: not the same.

Accuracy, is the accuracy of the sensor, professional point of call error, generally stay encoder error is proportional, the larger the range of error, the greater the peak automation equipment co., LTD., jinan star the production thread encoder, the accuracy is 0.05% FS is full range of error is plus or minus 0.05% FS, computational method is: range X0.05%.

So what is the row, resolution is sampling system encoder signals can be collected when the minimum value, the calculation method is according to the pulse signal of pulse counting, stay present method of calculation the resolution of the encoder resolution = circumference pulse number, so the higher the pulse number, the higher the resolution.

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