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Working principle of draw wire sensor

We must first understand the structure of the draw wire , as the name implies, it is composed of encoder and pull box thread encoder, the encoder is also called the angular displacement sensor, is used to measure the angle, the output is a square wave signal, a circle of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of pulse number, angular displacement sensors measure the angle is calculated according to the number of pulses, such as a circle of 360 pulse output, calculation is a week of 360 ° ,360 p divided by the number of pulses, the angle of the sensor resolution is 1 ° / p, and pulse number 3600,The resolution of the angular displacement sensor becomes 0.1°/ P.

Draw wire sensor is calculated the same way, the encoder mount pull box, then it became the  draw wire sensor, and pull box conversion was linear displacement, displacement of the straight line to how to calculate, is about to see pull box inside the perimeter of the winder, circumference divided by the number of pulses, it is concluded that the resolution of the unit is mm/p, such as the perimeter of the winder is 100, the number of pulses encoder is 1000 p, so the rope displacement encoder resolution is 0.1 mm/p, if the function of the acquisition system has four times the frequency, the pulse number became 4000 p,The resolution becomes 0.25mm/p.

The principle of the pull line displacement sensor is to convert the Angle of the angular displacement sensor into a linear displacement using the circumference around the line, so we also call the pull line encoder as a linear displacement sensor




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