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what is an encoder?

The first kind of meaning: is a device that converts angular displacement or linear displacement into electrical signals.The former is called a yard disk and the latter is called a yardstick.Encoders can be divided into contact type and non-contact type according to the readout mode.The contact type adopts the output of the electric brush. A brush contacts the conductive area or the insulation area to indicate the state of the code is "1" or "0";The non-contact receiving sensitive element is photosensitive element or magnetic sensitive element. When using photosensitive element, the state of the code is "1" or "0" represented by the light transmittance area and the light impervious area.

According to working principle, encoders can be divided into incremental and s.The converts the displacement into a periodic electrical signal, and then converts the electrical signal into a counting pulse, and USES the number of pulses to represent the displacement.Each position of the absolute encoder corresponds to a certain digital code, so its indication value is only related to the starting and ending positions of the measurement, and has nothing to do with the intermediate process of the measurement.

Another meaning of encoder: In binary logic circuit, encoder is a combinational logic circuit that assembles input digital signal and text symbol signal with specific meaning into corresponding binary code form for output.

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