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Zero alignment method of servo motor encoder

When the servo motor is disassembled for inspection, sometimes the fixed at the end of the motor is also disassembled because of carelessness. What should I do then?Because the has moved over the position, the origin of the encoder has drifted, so it needs to be recalibrated.The details are as follows:

Emergency zero adjustment method is simple and practical.But the motor must be removed from the equipment and rely on the equipment for debugging.Try it out before installing it back into the device.In fact, after a lot of zeroing tests, each servomotor has a zero speed static area with an Angle of less than 10 degrees, and a high speed reversal area of 350 degrees. If you change encoders from time to time, this is really too much trouble. Here is a very simple emergency method that can be done very quickly.

1: Remove the damaged encoder

2: Install a new encoder and fix it with the shaft.So that the adjustable base is suspended and can rotate freely,

Reconnect the servo motor to the circuit, set the machine speed to zero, and press the start switch after the power is normally switched on, several things will happen.

1. The servo motor reverses at a high speed, which is caused by the big difference between the encoder and the actual zero. There is no need to panic, you can turn the encoder by an Angle until the motor can stop.

2. When the servo motor is at rest under the zero-speed command, you can carefully turn the encoder counterclockwise first. Note: be sure to slow down until the motor begins to reverse at high speed.You have to do it with both hands, spin in one hand, hold the marker in the other hand, and remember to do it quickly and not panic, it's not necessary, it's normal.Then continue slowly clockwise until another high speed reversal occurs, note the position and immediately adjust back to the rest zone,

Through the changes, you will find that the incremental servo motor in fact there is a wide area of the adjustable, and this area is in the middle of the position is the biggest servo motor torque output point, if a lack of motor torque or positive and negative direction there is a lack of direction torque is often because the encoder Z signals weaken or the position of the off center, which has deviated zero, to readjust the zero commonly can.




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