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Relationship between servomotor and encoder

1. The servo motor are two essential components of the servo system. The servo driver control part can be obtained by reading the encoder: rotor speed, rotor position and mechanical position, which can be completed:

A. Speed control of servo motor

B. Torque control of servo motor

C. Synchronous tracking of mechanical position (multiple transmission points)

D. Stop at designated points


2. There are many types of encoders, the most commonly used are absolute value encoders, s and rotary transformers, as well as some higher communication encoders.For the servo, in order to obtain very high performance and precision, the resolution of the encoder must be improved, the common servo motor encoder 2000-2500 lines (pulse number/RPM), but the higher the number of lines, the more expensive the encoder price, so it is necessary to understand the requirements of the control system to choose the most suitable encoder

3. For incremental encoders, they are most commonly used, but the biggest problem is: the power loss position is lost, so absolute value encoders can be used to maintain the power loss position;If the mechanical vibration is large, then the selection of photoelectric encoder is not appropriate, this is the need to use a rotary transformer.



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