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The servo motor has its own encoder. Why should it have an encoder?

Servo motor is installed on the servo motor is used to measure the magnetic pole position and Angle of the servo motor and the speed of a sensor, the different physical media, can be divided into photoelectric encoder and the magnetoelectric encoder, the other rotating transformer is a kind of special servo encoder, the market generally use the photoelectric encoder, but magnetoelectric encoder as a rising star, has reliable, cheap, resistant to pollution etc, have catch up with the trend of photoelectric encoder.

Servo motor has encoder and encoder reason

1. Separate servo motor is used, which is a semi-closed loop control mode.The encoder built in the servo motor is used for both speed feedback and position feedback.

2. The servo motor has its own encoder, but should there be a separate encoder connected to the servo motor?This is a kind of control mode between semi-closed loop control and full closed loop control.An encoder is built in the servo motor for speed feedback, and a separate encoder is connected with the servo motor for position feedback.

3. In the full closed-loop control mode, the encoder built in the servo motor is used for speed feedback, and the raster ruler is used for position feedback.


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