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Can a rotary encoder be changed directly?Matters needing attention for rotary encoder replacement

The first step is to remove the back cover of the motor and

Second, loosen the encoder mounting screw

The third step is to rotate the rotor shaft of the motor so that the logo on the encoder rotor and the logo on the encoder shell coincide

Step 4: Remove the encoder and try to use special screws to push it out during loading and unloading so as not to damage the encoder

Step 5. Rotate the new encoder so that the two flags of the encoder coincide

Step 6. Install the encoder in the reverse order

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Matters needing attention for replacement

1. During the installation of the encoder, the rotor of the motor should be ensured to be different, otherwise the relative position of the rotor will be lost.

If lost relative position, the old motor you need to use an oscilloscope to adjust the installation position of the encoder, the new motor can be judged according to the sign on the motor rotor shaft to adjust the installation position of the encoder, which can be mechanical adjustment, also can adjust the driving parameters MD1016 to set an offset value, but can only use this method on the 840 d.

2. When changing the encoder, it should be noted that after the encoder has installed the fixing screws, the top wire on the coupling must be loosened to eliminate the phenomenon of stuck resistance caused by assembly stress, and the top wire should be pressed to death after flexible rotation by hand.

3. It is necessary to pay attention to the wiring sequence of the encoder. If it is reversed, it may run over current fault.

Principle of rotary encoder replacement

Rotary encoders are developing rapidly in China. In the past, rotary encoders were imported from abroad, but now our domestic encoders can also replace foreign rotary encoders smoothly, so as to greatly save costs and lead time. The following principles should be followed in the replacement process of rotary encoders:

1. The principle and properties of rotary encoders are divided into s, absolute value single-coil encoders, absolute value multi-coil encoders, and special types of encoders.At present, most incremental encoders can be replaced (e.g., GI60, HA78, etc.) with little difficulty, while GMS412 and GAS60 can be replaced with absolute single-coil encoders with less than 17 bits, as well as with absolute multi-coil encoders with less than 28 bits (GAX60 or GMX425).Generally, the imported encoder labels will have "-500", "-512", "-600", "-1000", "-1024", "-2048" and other numbers, most of which are incremental value encoders, and the above numbers are output pulse numbers;The labels with "8", "10", "12", "13", "16" and "bit" are overwhelmingly single-coil encoders.The labels with "absolute" and "multiturn" and "1212", "1213", "24", "25" and "26" are mostly multi-turn s.Or in some European brands, the model with "S" is a single-coil encoder, and the model with "M" is a multi-coil encoder.(If there is "I" in the model, or "A, B, Z" in the signal output, it is the incremental value encoder)

2, the appearance of the installation match, the appearance of a flange installation form, including clamping flange, synchronous flange, shaft sleeve type;The second is the size of the outer diameter, now commonly 58, 60, 65, 78, 90 (mm) and so on can be replaced, for example, XXM58 (such as AVM58), (such as AC58), XXS58 (such as FVS58), XXI58 (such as AVI58), XXS60, XXM60, XX65 (such as CE65), XXX90 and so on in imported encoder models, most of which can be replaced by domestic products;The third is the shaft diameter, which is easy to handle - you can adjust the installation through the aperture of the coupling.

3, signal output of the match, the incremental value of OC (open collector), RS422 (linedriver, difference the long drive, TTL), push-pull (HTL, push - pull), etc., can be found to replace, and absolute encoder has Parallel (Parallel, the signal output line A lot), SSI serial (signal cable has A clock + -, date + -), Canopen, profibus-dp bus (signal cable have A, B, etc.), have also find A replacement.

Universal signal output replacement: the encoder manufacturers can provide a kind of intelligent signal output, 4-20 ma output and RS485 signals at the same time, the two signals can in almost all of the PLC or instrument, find the corresponding connection interface superordination machine, and the working range and resolution of the absolute value encoder single or more times, can be set according to need.If the user does not know the output of the imported encoder, it is more convenient to replace the imported encoder. It does not need to follow the original output form of the encoder, but is directly used according to the practical application.

4, the resolution is the same, the import incremental value encoders mentioned above generally have "-500", "-512", "-600", "-1000", "-1024", "-2048" resolution, especially the European inverter with most 1024 lines, generally can be replaced.




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