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Remove the Clutter and Find Some Cash!

Remove the Clutter and Find Some Cash!

If there’s one thing in my life I get absolutely annoyed with, is clutter. I firmly believe that if you have not worn that shirt in your closet for 5 years, or are maybe saving those flared jeans from high school when they come back in style, you should probably donate them. Continue reading

Building Wealth Comes Down to Two Basic Principles

Wealth BuildingThere are many great books and blog posts out there about building wealth. I’ve read and continue to read many of them. After all is said and done though, there are really only two ways to fundamentally grow that stack. Continue reading

Elevated Cholesterol- An Unexpected Turn of Events

Elevated CholesterolWell it appears that my lifestyle of food choices has caught up to me. You see, I am a daily red meat eater. Steaks, burgers, pepper sticks, ribs…you name it. It’s a way of life really. Well until I decided to get a physical done recently. Continue reading

2017 Goals

2017 Goals

28,740 days. That is how many days on Earth the average person in the US has to live. Some will have more, some will have less. But if you are in the norm, that is around what you can expect. Continue reading

New Years Resolutions

ResolutionsHappy New Years to everyone!  2016 has been ushered out the door and now we welcome in a fresh year. Personally I’m not sad about it because 2016 was fairly disappointing on several fronts. Continue reading

Increasing Efficiency- Front Loading the Day

Efficiency I really don’t like to sleep in. Not even on the weekends. I just have a natural clock that will wake me up and it tell me that it’s time to get moving. This is not always ideal especially on those occasions (rare now) that lead to a late night. Continue reading

Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens IronGreetings from the frozen Upper Midwest! This morning’s windchill hit -32 degrees F and yet more snow is falling as we speak. Safe to say the piping hot Colombian coffee from the Keurig tastes pretty darn good. My wife and I were both able to get our workouts in, gotta love Saturdays. Continue reading

Leaving a Job to Match Your Stage in Life


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Super lame question. It should be, “Where do you want to be at each stage in life?” Maybe if a question like that would have been posed to me, it wouldn’t have taken me so long to realize I needed to find a job for each stage in life and not the status I was pursuing. Continue reading

Why I Want to Hate Friday’s and Love Monday’s


I desperately want to hate Friday’s. Not the restaurant, the day of the week. Well technically I don’t want to hate any day of the week. Let me explain. As it is right now, Friday is typically a good day. The weekend is right around the corner and this means escaping the dreaded workweek grind for a couple of days. Friday evening is fun, total relaxation maybe even a beer or three! Fast forward to Saturday, what a beautiful day. It doesn’t matter if the weather is garbage or yard work is on the agenda, it’s hard to screw up a Saturday. But then Sunday rolls around. And it happens fast. The dread starts to sink in, the realization that Monday is a day away. Continue reading

Keeping Positive Perspective Through Difficult Times


Even though the goal of this blog is to bring mainly positive vibes, this has definitely been a difficult year. If someone would have told me that this year would include a miscarriage, the death of two grandmothers, moving across the state, and the death of our dog, I probably wouldn’t have signed up.  Continue reading

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