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Passing on a Promotion Opportunity

Promotion Opportunity

Hey there ya’ll, it’s Mrs. Defined Sight again and I came across quite the unique promotion situation the other day that really made me intrigued. Continue reading

Leverage Is A Powerful Thing If Used Correctly

Leverage Can Be Powerful If Used Correctly

People are often more powerful than they realize. We live in a world of high competition which bodes well for us as consumers. As for employment, there is also high competition but most companies that are worth working for will go above and beyond to retain quality talent. Continue reading

Ditch Your Job Like A Bad Relationship

Ditch Your Job Like A Bad Relationship

In a personal relationship, one per person loves the other, and the other loves them back. Pretty simple and works, right? However, if one person doesn’t love the other, or both aren’t in love with each other, chances are things are pretty miserable and the relationship will fail. The same can be said about jobs. Let’s take a look at the different work scenarios that are a bad relationship. Continue reading

Are Extroverts Better Money Earners?

Are Extroverts Better Money Earners?In a recent post I asked if introverts are better at saving money. Being introverted myself, I had a slightly biased opinion I suppose. So today, I want to give the extroverts out there some love. Continue reading

Teleworking- The Good and Bad of Working From Home

TeleworkingAs I have mentioned in other posts, we moved to a different city nearly a year ago. Since then, I have been teleworking or in other words, working from home for my previous employer. Continue reading

Everybody has Stress Regardless of the Occupation

Stress in the Workplace

Have you ever been frustrated with an employee because you think their job is so easy and you can’t possibly fathom how they can be stressed out by it? I certainly have been guilty of this and it’s time to think of the big picture. Everybody has job stress no matter how high or how low on the totem poll they may be. Continue reading

IQ vs EQ in Today’s Workplace


Is it more important to know “stuff” or to understand emotions and behavior when it comes to today’s workplace? I suppose the obvious answer is a little of both right? Over the years I have worked with people who have high IQ and people who have high EQ. Continue reading

The Art of Workplace Interaction

The Art of Workplace Interaction


Workplace interaction is one of the most important skills that a person can acquire. We have all worked with those difficult people who have personalities that are just brutal to deal with. Admittedly, this does take an incredible amount of fortitude and practice. I was fortunate that early in my career, I worked closely with someone who was highly respected not only because of his job knowledge, but even more so because of his uncanny ability to interact with individuals of all types. He taught me a few tricks that have served me well through the years.

Continue reading

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