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Month: October 2016

IQ vs EQ in Today’s Workplace

Today's Worklace

Is it more important to know “stuff” or to understand emotions and behavior when it comes to today’s workplace? I suppose the obvious answer is a little of both right? Over the years I have worked with people who have high IQ and people who have high EQ. Continue reading

Don’t Make a Mistake and Stay: Leave a Job to Match Your Stage in Life

Don't make a mistake and stay

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Super lame question. It should be, “Where do you want to be at each stage in life?” Maybe if a question like that would have been posed to me, it wouldn’t have taken me so long to realize I needed to find a job for each stage in life and not the status I was pursuing. Don’t go through each mistake I made: Continue reading

Why I Want to Hate Friday’s and Love Monday’s

Hate Friday's

I desperately want to hate Friday’s. Not the restaurant, the day of the week. Well technically I don’t want to hate any day of the week. Let me explain. As it is right now, Friday is typically a good day. The weekend is right around the corner and this means escaping the dreaded workweek grind for a couple of days. Friday evening is fun, total relaxation maybe even a beer or three! Fast forward to Saturday, what a beautiful day. It doesn’t matter if the weather is garbage or yard work is on the agenda, it’s hard to screw up a Saturday. But then Sunday rolls around. And it happens fast. The dread starts to sink in, the realization that Monday is a day away. Continue reading

Don’t Sell to Your Friends: They are not Your Clients nor a Source of Income

Don't sell to your friends

Don’t sell to your friends

If you have not reached the stage in life where all your friends are having babies, then trying to stay at home with them, yet sell crap on the side to make some money….lucky you! Chances are, if you are a new mom, you are considering it. I highly advise that if you take the plunge, please remember your friends aren’t your clients. Going through the phase of “I want to work at home just to spend more time with my kid” may cost you friends. Continue reading

Dad Goals: Things I Want to Teach My Son

Teach my son

I was out walking the other day and I thought of my son and the things I want to teach him as he grows up. He is under the age of five so my wife and I have our work cut out for us. Fair warning, I have a feeling that this might be a subject that is brought up again as time goes on. Continue reading

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