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Month: November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there! I have a lot to be thankful for even through the tribulations of the past year that I wrote about here.  This day however is about appreciating everything that is good in our lives and the things that we are most grateful for.  Here are mine. Continue reading

Sometimes Things Change

Sometimes Things ChangeHave you folks noticed how things change as time goes by? I was just reminded of this while visiting my parents over the weekend. Looking back at pictures of vehicles I drove and even old posters still hung up in my room….hmmm I thought that was cool??? Continue reading

Time Well Wasted

Time Well Wasted

Yes, I am aware that my article title is the name of a country music album. Please don’t sue me Brad Paisley, I’m not making a cent off of this currently. Hah! I really just love the phrase “Time Well Wasted” because time wasted and time spent wisely can vary depending on differing opinions. Continue reading

Sight From Other Perspectives

Sight From Other Perspectives

As I drive 15mph in a 35mph zone, behind a van struggling to keep it between the lines, I remained calm and realized I was able to change my sight and see this situation from a different perspective. Continue reading

Faith in Human Decency Restored!


Hello friends, I just returned from a wonderful vacation in sunny Florida and am feeling pretty upbeat this morning. Not even a sunburn and a chest cold are slowing me down too terribly much. Great combo huh? I just wanted to throw a quick post out here to point out how, as the title says, my faith in human decency has been restored. Continue reading

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