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Month: February 2017

Building Wealth Comes Down to Two Basic Principles

Wealth BuildingThere are many great books and blog posts out there about building wealth. I’ve read and continue to read many of them. After all is said and done though, there are really only two ways to fundamentally grow that stack. Continue reading

Elevated Cholesterol- An Unexpected Turn of Events

Elevated CholesterolWell it appears that my lifestyle of food choices has caught up to me. You see, I am a daily red meat eater. Steaks, burgers, pepper sticks, ribs…you name it. It’s a way of life really. Well until I decided to get a physical done recently. Continue reading

Vacation Planning Comedy

Vacation Time!It has been a long winter up north in the frozen tundra so my wife and I decided to book a much needed getaway next month. Normally for this type of vacation we opt for the Caribbean but we wanted to stay in the USĀ  for this one. Continue reading

Are Extroverts Better Money Earners?

Are Extroverts Better Money Earners?In a recent post I asked if introverts are better at saving money. Being introverted myself, I had a slightly biased opinion I suppose. So today, I want to give the extroverts out there some love. Continue reading

Teleworking- The Good and Bad of Working From Home

TeleworkingAs I have mentioned in other posts, we moved to a different city nearly a year ago. Since then, I have been teleworking or in other words, working from home for my previous employer. Continue reading

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