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Avoiding Burnout: How To Recharge Your Batteries

Avoid Burnout By Finding Way To Recharge Your Batteries

Everybody deals with burnout eventually. I don’t care if you blog for a living or you are Metallica’s drummer, it’s going to happen. My second job out of college was really mentally draining. Let me just be blunt, it friggin’ sucked. I was a support tech for an internet provider and we had a lot of customers that needed support. Believe me, they likely needed more than tech support. Continue reading

How To Live Your Life With No Regrets

How to live your life with no regrets

Regret is poison. It’s literally about the worst thing you can have because it will eat you alive. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to avoid being 80 years old and having regrets. By that age, there isn’t much you can do about it. Continue reading

Restraint: Useful Wisdom From Warren Buffett

A lesson in restraint

Never forget, you can tell a guy to go to hell tomorrow…. You don’t give up the right. So just keep your mouth shut today and see if you feel the same way tomorrow.”

This advice was given to Warren Buffett from a long time friend and one time business partner, Tom Murphy. Continue reading

Market Crashes Provide Life Lessons

Stock Market Crashes Provide Life Lessons

Today marks the 30th anniversary of one of the largest stock market crashes in history, often referred to as Black Monday. On that Monday in 1987, the stock market fell by 22.6%, or 508 points. In a matter of five days encompassing that event, the market lost 30 percent of its value! This would be the equivalent of our current Dow losing roughly 5,000 points. Continue reading

Saving Money: We Saved $420 Today!

Saving Money

Cheers my good people, for today is a good day. We’ve been inspired by reading so many awesome stories from other bloggers saving money that we had to take action ourselves. I spent 20 minutes of my time to save a cool $420 for the next 12 months. Continue reading

Investment Reminder – Stay On Offense

Investment Reminder - Stay On Offense

I mentioned in a previous post that I have a tendency to be far too conservative when it comes to investing. I spent the first three years of my working life contributing to what amounted to a bond fund investment in my 401k. Talk about the opposite of what you want to do as a 22 year old! Continue reading

Find Your Balance In Life

Find Your Balance In Life

Gosh time flies doesn’t it? Fall is already upon us and I’m dreading the thought of winter. It tends not to be very kind to us in the upper Midwest. We are in that season when you might have a rainy 50 degree day or it might get to 70. Funny how those days in the 70’s are usually during the workweek isn’t it? Continue reading

Lifestyle Creep Is A Perpetual Battle

Lifestyle Creep Is A Constant Battle

Since Friday afternoon, I’ve talked to four different Verizon reps on the phone regarding our cell phone plan. Pardon me if I’m a little edgy today. You see, they don’t seem to get the fact that I’m trying to save money here. Or at least they don’t appreciate my efforts. Continue reading

Passing on a Promotion Opportunity

Promotion Opportunity

Hey there ya’ll, it’s Mrs. Defined Sight again and I came across quite the unique promotion situation the other day that really made me intrigued. Continue reading

Want an Interview? Beef up the Resume!

Resume Tips

Note from Mr. Defined Sight- Today Mrs. Defined Sight unleashes some of her resume knowledge on us. We hope you enjoy and find these tips useful! Continue reading

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