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Easter Weekend and the Candy Industry

Easter and the Candy Industry

Happy Easter weekend to everyone! We are hosting family at our house this year which always makes things a bit more hectic but at least we don’t have to travel. I hope that all of the readers here get to enjoy quality family time as well! So along with the cleaning and the meal prep comes planning the fun for the kiddos. Of course we need to have an Easter egg hunt and dye some eggs to allow us to meet the family tradition requirements. Our little guy just brought home an egg filled with chocolate from a daycare hunt. It got me thinking about the candy industry during these massive sugar filled holidays.

Hottest Candy Selling Events

Last year, the week of Easter narrowly surpassed Halloween as the best selling candy week of the year in terms of net sales. Halloween does still hold the edge on the manufacturing side. This is a bit surprising to me but the thought process is that most buy chocolate and candies in bulk (aka cheap) to distribute for Halloween whereas more money is spent for premium candy and fancy packaging during Easter. It does make total sense that we would spend more on our family members than strangers that show up at the door. Americans bought $823 million in chocolate eggs, peeps, jelly beans, and other assorted goodies last year the week before Easter.

One would think that candy sales would be declining with America trying to be healthier. The opposite is actually true as US chocolate sales have risen 24% from 2009-2014 to reach $21 billion. It is expected to rise to $25 billion by 2019. While Americans are seemingly cutting down on the carbonated beverages, there appears to be a line drawn when it comes to candy. Nine out of ten dentists like this!

Top Chocolate Manufacturers

Another thing that surprises me is that out of the top ten chocolate companies, I have only heard of four of them. Mars being #1, Mondelez #2, Nestle #3, and my personal favorite Hershey coming in at #6. The other companies that I haven’t heard of are from other countries such as Italy, Japan, and Turkey. It’s not shocking to see why Nestle and Hershey are two of the best companies that a person can invest in. Hershey stock never seems to trade at a discount either much to my dismay. If only Mars Inc was a publicly traded company…….

Our Candy Consumption

We don’t go too crazy (outside of holidays) on candy. I will pick up the occasional Hershey bar and bag of licorice once in awhile. There is something addicting with that sugar especially after eating a meal that lures you back. Life is too short not to have the occasional treat. Do you, the readers, go all out on candy for Easter? Do you own shares of the chocolate giants? Thanks for reading and have a happy Easter!


  1. I usually don’t eat chocolate or candy because I try to cut down on carbs, but Easter is one of the only times all year I let myself go. This year I bought a massive 20lb choclate bunny. It’s gonna take me forever to finish this.

    • Mr Defined Sight

      April 15, 2017 at 8:30 am

      20 pounds!!! Wow that’s awesome. I was just telling my wife that we need to get our boy a big chocolate bunny. That might be a little too much for him though hahaha. Thanks for checking in and have a great Easter!

  2. I honestly don’t think that we did anything for Easter this year in terms of candy. That may have something to do with my wife being an ultra clean eater. Therefore she doesn’t put much processed food into her body. So it looks like if I want something sweet it will have to be the organic apples that I picked up at the store 🙂

    • Mr Defined Sight

      April 16, 2017 at 10:49 pm

      Good for you guys! I don’t think I’ve ever had organic apples. I am a Honeycrisp fan, buy them every week!

  3. We get some chocolate for the Easter baskets but normally wait until the day after to try and get some discounted. This year was a bust! Wife went out to a place or two but found no deals worthwhile.

    I don’t own any of these companies stock directly, but would be interested if they became ‘cheap’.

    Haha, that’s me: always looking for a deal and walking away if it isn’t good enough to me.

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