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Hate Your Job? This Can Be A Benefit

Do you hate your job? This could be beneficial


If you’ve read some of my past writings, you’ll know that I’m not crazy about my current line of work. I get paid fairly well. I get along great with my boss and I do get to work from home. There are things about my job that aren’t that bad. The problem is I’ve never been all that interested in doing IT work, at least not in the roles I’ve done so far. So as I keep my eyes open for new opportunities, something occurred to me today. Although it’s not the ideal way to go through life, there are certain benefits to be had if you hate your job.

Saving For Retirement And Early Work Departure

I’m fiscally conservative by nature. I learned from my dad and the way he conducts his operation. But in reality, saving money to me provides a way out. A way out of having to spend 40 hours a week doing something I dread doing. It is something that is constantly in the back of my mind. I’m always fascinated by some of my friends who enjoy their jobs but spend money like crazy. While I’m sincerely happy for them that they have jobs they love, it can all be gone in an instant. Their employer might downsize or be bought out by a competitor who wants to go in a new direction. In that case you could no longer have that awesome job nor much in the way of savings since it was being spent as soon as it comes in.

So yes, while I am fairly disgruntled during the majority of the workday, I’m constantly thinking of ways to save and grow money. When I’m not looking at the budget, I’m looking at our retirement accounts. And when I’m not doing those things, I’m watching the stock market. One could argue that I should be spending more time looking at job openings (my loving wife). As she says, if you hate your job, change it. But thanks to this saving mentality, we have positioned ourselves well for retirement. There also is more than enough breathing room to venture out of my current profession to hopefully create future workplace happiness. I don’t really feel bound to the job, it is just something that I keep doing until something else comes up. The pressure is off in a sense.

If You Hate Your Job You May Greatly Appreciate The Next One

Everyday I ask my wife how her day went. Most often the reply is “busy but really good”. In fact just yesterday I told her that since she has switched to her new job, I don’t recall her saying that she’s had a bad day at work. It could be that the new gig is just that awesome or perhaps it is because the former job sucked so bad. Maybe a combination of the two? I believe that subliminally, a person will appreciate a new job more when you come from something you can’t stand doing. Initially anyways.

Developing New Networks, Skills, And Side Ventures

A funny thing can happen when you are miserable at your 8 to 5. All of a sudden a person can find themselves blogging, building a social media brand, reading books on investing, starting side businesses etc. When you strive to break free, I’ve found myself developing new skills. And to top it all off, most of them are quite enjoyable! I’m also enjoying chatting it up with fellow bloggers and reading their work that they crank out. Getting fresh and sometimes differing points of view from all over the country is a tremendous thing. It remains to be seen if these new skills can turn into monetary gains but if nothing else they are fun hobbies.

This Stuff Builds Character

Life isn’t always rosy. It’s not fair at times. Learning to do things (and work) that you don’t want to do is a good thing. In fact, every time my phone rings my stomach turns a bit. Sometimes you just have to eat that crap sandwich and take losses. It all builds character for down the road in life. When it is time to face adversity during future challenges, you will be ready to face them head on. Win or lose, pass or fail. It won’t faze you and you will keep moving forward. Get you some grit folks!

The Wrap Up

Sometimes in this world we have to look at silver linings. If you love your job or even like it most days, I am envious. That is a huge thing! But if you do hate your job, make the best of it while you search for something better. Save a whole bunch of money, meet new people and develop new skills. Try to get paid for them. Grow some thick skin and use that to your advantage in your new ventures. You just might find that these attributes will get you closer to the finish line sooner than you think!


  1. Hi DS,

    You make really good points, and I realized some of these points eight years ago which compelled me start to work on my financial independence plan. I’m glad that I had a head start and I was ready to retire early when things started to go bad at work.

    I used to love my job and career, but things started to change after I turned 40. I realized that I was getting tired of what I was doing as an engineer and needed something different. Most of all I wanted freedom from corporate life and the rat race at work.

    As you said, people don’t realize that their jobs can be gone in an instant, most jobs are “at will” employment and that big paycheck can be gone in a moment as I saw it happen for many of my colleagues who were laid-off last year without any warning. Some of them still haven’t found a comparable job.

    I like your blog, will be following you.

    All the best,
    Mr. ATM
    Mr. ATM recently posted…Our Utah Summer Vacation Part IMy Profile

    • Mr Defined Sight

      August 13, 2017 at 12:56 pm

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment and kind words. Even though I’ve never been let go at a job, I’m well aware on how quickly that kind of thing can happen.Shortly after I started working for the company that I’m with now, the recession hit. There were a few people that were let go, some of them had been with the company for quite a long time. That was an eye opener right off the bat. I guess in a way I’m always living with that in the back of my mind which drives me to save and invest for the future. When hard times hit again, I’ll be ready. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Great post, Mr. DS! I appreciate you sharing it because it’s right in line with what I need to hear.
    Although there are many days I leave work frustrated, I’m still grateful for the opportunity it provides me to save and build my dividend portfolio. I always try to choose skill building opportunities when choosing what to do for work. Also, it affords me enough time to work on blogging and side hustling too, which is really what I want to be spending all my time on. In addition to the great points that you made, I guess kinda fitting along with character, the the bad days motivate me to work harder on my real goals. If I get frustrated at work, I save more and put more work in on the blog.

    With that said, I agree 100% with this post. Regardless of the outcome, it’s important to have a positive view on what you’re doing. Thanks for sharing!
    Graham @ Reverse The Crush recently posted…Dividend earnings update #2 | July 2017My Profile

    • Mr Defined Sight

      August 14, 2017 at 11:38 am

      Thank you Graham! I’m glad you are able to find the positives in your work. It does serve the purpose, just like you mentioned. You make a good point about building up your blog when you feel frustrated at work. I think I do the same without even really thinking about it! But yes, that is a motivator for sure. Whatever it takes to get to the finish line! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Hellooooo fellow job hater! 😀

    Eh, my job isn’t so bad now but it has been absolutely atrocious in the past. Your points remind me of a Tony Robbins quote: “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

    Work sucks, but doing what it takes to be free requires effort and sacrifice. Most people don’t want to do those things, so they stick with the crappy job.

    I want to be free so I don’t buy the things. I want to be free so I spend my time off working side-hustles (Started a new one this past weekend!). I want to be free so I do what it takes and it makes me a better person in the process.

    See, starting down the path of FI makes the world a better place. Each of us is a piece of the world. If we become a better piece, the world does as well.
    MrDoublingDollars recently posted…New Side-Hustle: Seeking Alpha!My Profile

    • Mr Defined Sight

      August 17, 2017 at 8:44 am

      Mr DD, you are a wise man! That was a great quote, Robbins is quite the speaker. I love your side hustle game! And Seeking Alpha is pretty big time dude! Congrats on that, I look forward to reading many more articles. Just remember us little people when you hit the big time!

      • Yeah, Seeking Alpha is pretty sweet. If they accept your exclusive article they pay you $35 plus a penny per view. So far my one post is up to $62.37 and 87 cents was just from today. Great to get the passive income. Now imagine if I had 100 articles, 1000….

        Just have to get better at the format and information they want.
        MrDoublingDollars recently posted…Guest Post: How to Live Like You’re Rich for Pennies on the DollarMy Profile

        • Mr Defined Sight

          August 24, 2017 at 9:35 am

          That’s really cool, I was curious how they pay out on the articles. The formatting looks tricky as you have a bunch of stuff going on in your post. Very fascinating. As you said, imagine if you have hundreds of articles! Do they mainly like articles on specific stocks or general investing tips?

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