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Moving Is A Pain But It Scratches An Itch

Moving Is A Pain But It Scratches An Itch

Did you know that people on average move about 12 times in their lifetime? This seems like a lot but it does count times like the college years and during those years there can be a lot of shuffling around. I personally have moved 8 times already. I’m well on my way to meeting the statistical average here. My wife and I have already moved 3 times since we’ve been married and have been in our current home and city for less than a year. So why so much moving around when the process of the actual move sucks so bad?

Of course moving is usually done out of necessity. Most likely for education when young and for work after that point. This is the case for me and most others. A person can really like an area or home but if a good job opportunity comes calling, sometimes you have to take that leap. One interesting thing that I have found is that moving to a new location successfully scratches the primitive itch to roam around. There is a sense of a new adventure that a fresh start gives you. This is of course after the annoying stuff like lifting heavy furniture, packing and unpacking boxes, and finding new storage places for useless junk.

Some people don’t have that itch. Or if they do, they don’t act on it. My parents have lived in the same place for almost 50 years and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. They do like to get out and travel though when they can. Having that permanent “home base” to them feels good and is always enjoyable to return to after travels. I get that. I sometimes wonder if I’m one of those people that is destined to move around even though it wasn’t the way I was raised. This can bring about some mixed feelings however.

A Hidden Negative About Moving Around

So aside from the obvious things (moving costs, hassle, unfamiliar territory), one major downside of relocating frequently is not feeling permanently rooted anywhere. It’s hard to be motivated to make major changes to the house or landscaping when in the back of my mind we could be moving on again in 5-10 years if history repeats itself. Yes these changes usually increase property value but it is the emotional hurdle that exists. Even small things like hanging up pictures can turn into thoughts of just having to repair the wall when moving out. Crazy isn’t it? A flaw in my personality perhaps.

Fortunately my wife keeps the planning, updating, and organizing on track in our household. It is so helpful to have a spouse that compensates for my deficiencies. Even as we speak, we have some new hanging garage organizers on order that my wife is pretty pumped about. I like looking at stocks, she likes layout and design. A good match!

While we both like our current residence, we know eventually a warmer climate is a must. Winters here are just way too long and brutal. It’s not really enjoyable living like a hermit for 5-6 months out of the year. Maybe we’ll stick it out here until retirement. Or maybe we won’t. I have learned that much can change in a few years.

Readers- How many times have you moved so far? Do you ever feel that temporary feeling?


  1. Since I graduated high school in 1999 I have moved 5 times. Delaware, Turkey, England, Hawai’i, and now in Arizona. Living in new places is fun!

    I feel you on unpacking and hanging up the pictures. Honestly, lot’s of things just stay in the box. :/
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    • Mr Defined Sight

      July 25, 2017 at 8:48 am

      Wow now that is serious moving! Mine have all been in state and you put that to shame haha. I’m jealous of you living in AZ, especially when it’s winter time here! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I’ve only moved cities once, when I went to college a few hours away. But within Cleveland, I have moved 4 times and am heading for a 5th with our new house purchase. Quite frankly, I am pretty burnt out with it and do not want to move for a long, long time haha

    But you are right. Some people are just wired to constantly move around. My sister is like that, every 3-4 years she gets the itch to change scenery and move elsewhere. You can just be wired that way. What cities have you lived in so far? Are you and your wife typically open to moving anywhere? Or do you have a few select cities that you will go to and will pounce when the moment arises?


    • Mr Defined Sight

      July 28, 2017 at 10:54 am

      Hopefully we are done moving for a little while. A person does get burned out on it like you mentioned. There is a lot involved when you consider jobs, moving, and if you have kids. Ideally someday perhaps we will move to somewhere warmer. Haven’t really put a solid list together as far as places we’d be open to. I’d like to do more traveling to visit some different areas to help narrow it down.

  3. If you factor in college then I have moved 10 times and lived in 8 places. That is kind of crazy in that I’m only 30 and lived in the same house for 18 years. We have been in our current house 3 years and have another 3-5 years here (I hope). I am the same way with not wanting to do anything because I know we will eventually move. One thing that has helped is I’m now hoping to turn our current home into a rental so it makes me feel a little better about investing in the property.
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    • Mr Defined Sight

      August 1, 2017 at 3:29 pm

      Turning your current residence into a rental would provide nice motivation for updating. To me it would seem somewhat easier with a potential fiscal upswing in the near future. Looks like you are on track to meet the statistical average just like us!

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