What are we thankful for post.
Time to be thoughtful and thankful. Enough about finance, personal and professional development. And tune our attention to being grateful. At least for one day. In a recent interview with Mr. & Mrs. Defined Sight they were asked what it means to be grateful. As well as what are they thankful for. Let’s hear more:

Ladies first Mrs. Defined Sight, what does it mean to be grateful?

Grateful means choosing to be thankful instead of ungrateful. Haha! My old English teacher would ding me on using a form of the same word to define the word! But, bottom line, we have to choose being grateful. Honestly, it’s not something that comes naturally for not only myself, but I think others as well. Remembering to count your blessings instead of being a victim of something, can be really difficult.

And how about you Mr. DS?

To me, being grateful is having a sincere appreciation for all the blessings we have in life. There is always someone else that would switch us places in a heartbeat if they could.

Mrs. DS, what are you thankful for?

There have been many changes and opportunities throughout this past year. I’m writing about a few of them and how they have impacted me. You’ll get to read about those later! But, I guess you could say they have made me more grateful. Without giving away my future blog post ideas, I will share a few:
My husband found good people.
I have a personal quote. Wish well for others, celebrate successes, offer encouragement through failures and surround yourself with those who are healthy for you! The network of people that are coming into his life are folks that share his same passions. He’s excited to talk about them, what they are all doing to improve their financial situations or life in general. I’m really grateful because I think these people are having a healthy influence on him. They are helping him avoid burnout in a career he does not love. And support his goal of financial independence!
My new found time.
It’s been almost 2 years since I ditched my job like a bad relationship. I still do not have any regrets. Maybe only that I didn’t do it sooner! Now I’m working 8-9 hours a day. Not working Sundays or 4 hours at night after everyone goes to bed, is amazing! I have more time for everything. Family. Faith. Home improvement projects. I also took the time to reflect on the time wasters, and cut some of those out of my life. I traded that time in for other activities that only support our strategic plan.
Mrs. DS, let me interrupt you for a second. You have a strategic plan? For what?
Haha! You are trying to get me to talk about my future blog posts! But yes, every smart business person has a strategic plan. And they keep updating it as changes occur to be successful. A marriage should have a same type of strategic plan for life in order for it to be a successful partnership. And that’s all I’ll say about that for now!

OK fine, since Mrs. DS is being secretive. Mr. DS. what are you grateful for?

A FOUR DAY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, that should have come after being thankful for a healthy family and a sturdy roof over our heads. In all seriousness, I am absolutely appreciative of these things. Here are a couple of others…..
Each Day Presents New Challenges

I truly look forward to waking up each day to see what it brings. Working from home is great but it has ups and downs. What kind of mood will our son be in? What funny things will he say? Will the stock market be up or down? What kind of annoying IT issues or people will I have to deal with? Will Mrs. DS have to remind me to take the dishes out of the dishwasher? I think we all know the answer to the last one. All of these things (and more) make each day so interesting to wake up to.

Very Thankful To The Blogging Community

As Mrs. DS mentioned earlier, I’ve had a great time getting to know quite a few fellow bloggers lately. It has been quite a blast conversing back and forth. There is something special about getting a notification that someone else has taken the time to not only read, but to comment on your blog post. We are beyond thankful for each one of you! Let’s keep this rolling!

Well, that’s about all the time we have for today. Thanks for sharing what it means to be grateful and what you are grateful for Mr. & Mrs. DS.
To our readers (network we are grateful for), how would you answer these questions: Define grateful? What are you thankful for?