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Spring 2017 Update- Home Maintenance

Spring 2017- Home Maintenance

Hard to believe it is the end of May already. The month has gone by fast with our jobs, going to parks and playgrounds with our youngster, and the joys (work) of home ownership. There is always constant upkeep it seems. I can hear the renters in the crowd snickering now. So with this being the first spring in our new home, there is definitely  plenty to do. Here is what we’ve been up to so far.

Fresh Paint

Mrs Defined Sight is currently giving the inside of the house a makeover. It’s amazing to see how the house brightens up with a fresh coat of paint. Especially when the old paint is right next to the new and you can see the difference. This is a time consuming project but the money savings from DIY’ing it are tremendous. I have heard of people paying several thousand dollars for interior painting. That seems crazy to me. Paint isn’t exactly cheap but it offers a fresh start and a chance to cover up old flaws and scuffs. As my wife says, it is a great way to make the home our own.

Spring Lawn Care

The former owners didn’t really do us any favors with the lawn. They didn’t do very well in keeping up with the weeds so that is where my attention has turned early on here. I did hire a company to come out and to start a weed and feed program. I thought it would be in our best interests to get a handle on these things before they get really out of control. It is helping a bit so far but we have a ways to go. There also are some thinning areas in the lawn but I may just wait until closer to fall to seed those.

Sprinkler Fiasco

Our neighbors on one side are an interesting bunch. They have yet to put their yard in even though their house was built probably around 4 or 5 years ago. Low and behold this spring they decide to put in a retaining wall next to our property line. We were pretty excited to see some movement out of them and we think it’s a pretty good idea actually. So after stringing off the property pins and renting some equipment, he starts digging. I came out later to jokingly ask him if he found oil but instead he told me that he found my sprinkler lines underground on his property. Didn’t see that one coming!

I called the sprinkler company who installed the sprinklers years ago and was immediately reminded that the world doesn’t revolve around us. They were booked up and would be two weeks out. Hard to believe they wouldn’t just drop everything for our “crisis”.  Well as the days went on I slowly got over my anger/depression with the situation and the sprinkler guy did come out.

He was taken back by the situation but he told me it wasn’t the first time. Apparently they don’t find out exact property line location when they install. So even though the sprinkler heads themselves are on our side, the underground line for some reason was installed too far over the line. After some tinkering around, he was able to get us about 80% functional. We are now waiting for their machine to be available to run new underground lines, on our side this time!

Wrap Up

So those are a few of our spring projects. There are times when I miss the carefree rental days. No lawn to mow, no weeds to pick, no walls to paint. The money and time savings from not doing said maintenance. But then I think of the freedom to basically do whatever we want to the place. There is a responsibility to keep things up but we can do them the way we want to. Also the projects serve as a sense of purpose. Satisfaction and pride come from completed tasks, especially those done the right way.

Reader Question- What home projects are you working on this spring? Thank you for reading and commenting!



  1. We honestly don’t have any spring projects this year. Which is wonderful. My wife and I are preparing for our 2nd child but we already have set up everything. So at this point we’re just relaxing and waiting which is wonderful 🙂

    • Mr Defined Sight

      May 31, 2017 at 4:24 pm

      Sounds like you are doing it right. You really don’t need any time consuming projects going on when you are waiting for a newborn!

  2. Did you have the sprinklers installed years ago, or just find the company name on a part of the system? Just wondering how you knew who to call.

    As for my house, the AC contactor was stuck closed causing the condenser to run continuously. Pretty simple fix for me and a $20 part. Would have probably cost $100 plus parts for a technician to come out and do it. Luckily I have enough mechanical skill to troubleshoot and replace the thing.

    Just this past weekend I was weed whacking and hit a rock into one of my french doors spidering the glass. Will need to get someone out to fix that. :/

    Still, owning my home is a great thing!

    • Mr Defined Sight

      May 31, 2017 at 4:27 pm

      The sprinklers were installed a few years ago with the previous owners. We moved in last fall. The sprinkler company had their sticker on the control box with their phone number. You must have a powerful weed whacker there! I’m not sure if my battery powered grasshog could muster up enough power to do that haha.

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