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The Year of Growth: Traveling, Personal and Professional Development

The Year of Growth: Traveling, Personal, and Professional Development


It has been a little over a year since we made our big leap moving across the state, uprooting our family, abandoning a community of friends and trusted neighbors we had gotten to know so well in over 10 years, for the most part my career happiness. Job wise, I could not have made a better decision. I don’t think I would have survived 2 miscarriages, the loss of friends, family and our beloved dog this  past year in my former position. Having a job that you look forward to going to, and knowing that you are great at it, makes all the other losses a little easier to cope with. Now that spring is around the corner, winter will hopefully F off for a little while, I am optimistic growth is in store for us.

Personal Growth

Reflecting on this past year, and I am happy with the way things are right now. Our little boy is healthy, growing like a weed, and learning words I can’t even spell because he watches Blaze and the Monster Machines and Little Einsteins. So with that said, I am focusing on continuing my personal growth.

I picked up cooking this past year; I have made some major flops but also learned how to prep and meal plan for an entire week and host some pretty kick butt holidays and happenings with friends. Food does bring people together, and I have a sense of pride if they are enjoying something I made and presented well. I also feel like I am better supporting my husband who had an unexpected turn of events by having slightly high cholesterol levels. Creating more chicken and fish dishes cooked with some amazing Wildtree organic seasonings in garlic and grapeseed oils makes me think I can also help him stop the growth of the bad LDLs. We can fight something together!

My health this year has also not been desirable. I have always suffered from allergies and sinusitus as a kid. One would think they can outgrow it but in my adulthood, it has become much worse! This winter was spent recovering from sinus, lung and ear infections, one right after the other. I finally decided to make an appointment to see an ear, nose and throat specialist, get on board with an aggressive treatment plan to clear up the remaining infections and also consider sinus surgery. When you are a mom and a wife, focusing on your personal health always takes the back burner. By making it a priority this year, I am hoping there will be less times I am sick next winter for my family!

In my last post, I touched base on removing the clutter (and finding some cash!). I truly believe cleaning and organizing is therapeutic and can lead to much personal growth and development! I am still pretty pumped about turning our junk into cash and getting it the heck out of here!

Time to Hit the Road

As we go for walks around the block, I really do miss our our neighbors who would stop and talk to us until the sun went down. There’s the “Italians” who lived 3 houses down from us. Their kids were grown, moved far away and no grandchildren in the future for them.  I think they felt it was their duty to mentor and keep an eye on “us young kids.” He always smelled like garlic, and her hands always had dirt in the creases from pulling random weeds and keeping an immaculate lawn. If there is one thing the Italians taught us, it was marriage comes first and you have to take care of it before anything else. So, my husband and I began dating again. We started watching a few Netflix series in the evenings, but, what we are really focusing on this year is traveling. In March we took a trip to Clearwater Beach Florida and honestly, I would rank it right next to our wedding for as how happy we were there. We met people who reminded us of our old neighbors, and we could visit with them for hours!

We have gone to the Deadwood, SD area a few times and have always been amazed by the beauty in the summer and fall months. Mr. Defined Sight’s favorite band is playing there in June, and I am hoping he will think that would be an amazing Father’s Day present!

A couple that we were best of friends with moved to Montana and are having their second baby in July. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend Independence Day, help her with their other kid’s 4th birthday party while she is 9 months prego in 90 degrees and also take a long road trip with our son for the first time. Here’s to hoping we don’t reenact a Griswold vacation!

Another trip I would like to take is to be there for the wedding of another friend who, after she moved away, let me know I was one of the most kindest, positive and influential people in her life. Which, completely humbled me. It was a good reminder that to you, they might just be someone, but to them, you might be their everything. Maybe someday I’ll tell the story of August. For now, I’d like to be a supporting friend still cheering her on!

These bigger trips should get us through the summer/fall months. Hmm – now to plan for Florida in the winter again?!

Professional Development

Through work, I thought this would be the place for professional growth. I was nominated for leadership academy, which would have been a 6 month program, quite a few weeks of travel, case studies and presentations. I was excited for the “back to school experience” but unfortunately, due to budget shortfalls, they cut the class this year. So, I will try to continue professional growth outside of work. One way is definitely by continuing to grow your network, your friends, and your neighbors. Get to know them. Listen to their stories. Hear their successes. Learn from their failures. Most people go to work, but do they enjoy their jobs? Do they have ideas they would like to pursue for side hobbies or change career paths?

How do you support your personal and professional growth?


  1. Sounds like you had a tremendous year of growth. You are definitely braver than me. I don’t love change and love being so close to family. So unfortunately I slog through work in order to remain close to family. Hopefully I can reach FIRE quickly so that I can remove the job part and spend more time with family 🙂

    • Mrs Defined Sight

      April 28, 2017 at 9:37 pm

      Change is tough. Sometimes hard to swallow. Sometimes definitely needed! Just don’t forget to live once in a while too!

  2. I love change! I usually move countries without any fear of missibg family or friends. My family can visit me whenever tghey want, and i can make new friends anywhere

    • Mrs Defined Sight

      April 28, 2017 at 9:40 pm

      Ha! I like the “my family can visit me” part! Wish I could not miss old friends and what we had before. There’s quite a degree of difficulty in building that back up.

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