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Join the Blog Party – It’s Lit AF

Preview! New Blog Post Coming SOON!

That’s right, we are having a blog party. And you my dear friends, are all invited.

Location: Anywhere with Wifi.  Time: Anytime.  Clothing: Optional.

During the last couple of weekends, I had mini staycations at home to work on the blog. As well as my new favorite F word: Pinterest. Here’s the recap of what I did and I hope you can learn something too. Or at least find our adventures humorous:

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Devote a Year to Traveling, Personal and Professional Development

 Devote a Year to Traveling, Personal and Professional Development

Out of the Mountain of Despair, a Stone of Hope.

It’s almost been a year since I set my goals to have a Year of Growth: Traveling, Personal and Professional Development. A few plans were modified, but for the most part I stuck to it! Never stop growing. Create personal goals for yourself and find out what you can gain from a year devoted to traveling, personal and professional development. Here’s my recap of the year: Continue reading

What Kind Of Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

What Kind Of Legacy Are You Leaving Behind?

When you think of somebody that left an extraordinary legacy, who comes to mind? I immediately think of the likes of Elvis, Steve Jobs, and Michael Jordan. There is simply no disputing the impact these dudes had on our society through their music, tech products, and sports skills.

But what if you aren’t a celebrity? Do you still have the opportunity to leave behind a legacy that is significant without being a multi-millionaire? Yes, you most certainly do! And it’s easier than you might think. Continue reading

Why You Should Own Up To Your Mistakes – ASAP

Because we are human, we all make mistakes. Most of the time, I assume these are not intentional. However, recent news has really exposed some events where the mistakes were not only intentional but unethical. Let’s examine the different levels of mistakes out there and why you should own up to them asap! Continue reading

Building Up Others In A “Me First” Era

Building Up Others in a Me First Era

For the past year or so, I’ve had the pleasure of “grooming” a youngster fresh out of college to do IT work for my current employer. He’s a very nice kid with the right attitude and is very sincere and appreciates the tutelage. But he is green as the day is long. Continue reading

Toastmasters: Get over yourself & do the Ice Breaker Speech!


Get over yourself and do the damn Ice Breaker speech

I recently joined Toastmasters as previously mentioned in Why I Gave up TV and What I Gained in Return. Being a mom and having a full-time job, I was not looking for something to take up more of my time. However, I saw it as another opportunity to stay on a positive, professional path, avoid burnout and get myself and message out there! Today, I am working on my Ice Breaker speech. Talking about oneself for 4-6 minutes may seem like a daunting task. But if it’s broken down into sections of reasons I joined, goals I have, and random facts about me, makes it flow a little easier. Continue reading

Obligatory “What I’m thankful for” Post

What are we thankful for post.
Time to be thoughtful and thankful. Enough about finance, personal and professional development. And tune our attention to being grateful. At least for one day. In a recent interview with Mr. & Mrs. Defined Sight they were asked what it means to be grateful. As well as what are they thankful for. Let’s hear more:

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Evolution Of My Money Priorities Through Time

My Evolution of Money Priorities Through The Years

It’s funny how things change over the years isn’t it? My food preferences are different, my hobbies have changed, and my evening and weekend activities sure are a little tamer too. I was recently looking at some Black Friday flyers and the biggest evolution however might be my views of money priorities and what it should be spent on. Continue reading

Adapting to an Undefined Change in a Business Model


Adapting to an Undefined Change in a Business Model

I previously held a management position in a large business with many layers. I was privileged to be a part of meetings where change was discussed at high levels. Occasionally, I got to weigh in with my opinions to help higher up managers with their decisions. The final decisions were above and outside my circle of control. However, I was at least in a position where I could see the impact. I would try and make enough changes along the way to transition my team before the change was fully rolled out. Today, I am in a different ballgame and am finding ways to adapt to an undefined change in a business model. Continue reading

Every Interaction is an Opportunity to Influence Somebody

Every Interaction is an Opportunity to Influence Somebody

Every interaction is an opportunity to influence somebody.

Please pause and re-read that statement. Slowwwwly. Now ask yourself a key question, “How do you want to influence this person?” Sentences can dramatically change by adding describing words in different places. Here are a few scenarios where the same sentence can take a different twist. Continue reading

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